Welcoming head coach, Mr. DiForti

Lilia Chavero, Editor-in-Chief

Joliet West is welcoming a new tiger to the family, Coach Nicholas DiForti. Coach DiForti teaches law, government, and US History at Joliet West. As the new basketball coach, Coach DiForti is thrilled to be a part of the varsity boys’ basketball team. Coach DiForti attended Nazareth Academy where he played basketball. He was recently inducted to the Athletic Hall of Fame at the school. Being a member of a team who was in the Division 3 NCAA Tournament, he was fortunate to have won conference with his team.

Coach DiForti received his degree in Social Science and minored in Education. When he attended Oliver Nazarene University he received his master’s degree in administration. After college, he began coaching. He has been coaching basketball for ten years. Coach DiForti started coaching at Marist High School for his first three years. After that, he coached at Plainfield North High School as head coach for the boys’ basketball team for five years. DiForti has not yet coached girls before though, but he did run the girls camp at Nazareth Academy for two summers while he was in college.

“Joliet West has been awesome!  There are great kids here!  My fellow co-workers and administration are so helpful and welcoming.  As a coach, the facilities are outstanding.  Starting over in a new school is hard for anyone…even teachers and coaches.  I have, though, acclimated myself as much as possible,” says Coach DiForti.

Coach DiForti is honored to be a part of the basketball program at Joliet West. “Joliet West is one of the better basketball programs in the state of Illinois,” said DiForti. Although he does feel the high expectations from years before with the boys’ basketball team, he will make sure his boys and coaching staff will work hard to keep up their game. Coach DiForti defines basketball as a game that reveals character. He wants that character to play a role on his team being student athletes.

Coach DiForti has high expectations for his boys who will be joining the boys’ basketball team. Representing their school and community is one of his biggest beliefs rather than just shooting the ball in the basket. Most of all, Coach DiForti wants his players to be role models to younger Tiger basketball players. These student athletes are a way in making our community proud. “My teams in the past have been known for being fundamentally sound and very hard working…I will carry that over here at West. We will work as a cohesive unit to achieve our goals,” said DiForti.