Everything Almon

Courtney Rubino, staff writer

When Coach Almon was in grade school he was in football, wrestling, and baseball. During high school he focused on just football. After high school he went to, Western Illinois University for his bachelor degree and Nova Southeastern University for his master’s degree, where rather than playing a sport, he coached football.

Not long after, Coach Almon got a job teaching college algebra, and AP statistics. Coach Almon has presently been working at Joliet West for 9 years. Almon currently coaches cross country and softball. Last year, Coach Newman, head coach for the boys cross country team, notified him that there was an open position to become the head coach for the girls cross country team and he took the job.

Being a coach, Coach Almon believes all athletes should remember, “That hard work will always win out over talent.  Sometimes not right away, but always in the long run.”

Since taking the head position, Coach Almon has made a positive impact on the way the athletes are trained. Sarah Schalk says, “I like the way he coaches based on performance and is willing to listen and provide fair reasoning. I feel like the team has an overall strong bond.” Guadalupe Diaz states, “I like how he coaches, he pushes us to be better but sometimes I feel like everyone just needs a break. I was improving until the season actually started and my legs were dead from summer running… but team wise yes we are improving a lot!” Maria Arzate explains, “My thoughts on how he coaches are that they’re really good workouts and I can see us benefiting from them. I have seen improvement in myself and the team as well so I do believe he is improving us.”

Besides being a dedicated teacher and coach at Joliet West, Coach Almon also enjoys going hunting, running, and hanging out with his loving wife and three year old daughter, Ella Rose.

Both of these people are very important to Coach Almon because they both revolve around times in his life that he will never forget. The two memories he will never forget are his wedding day, and the birth of his daughter, Ella Rose.

The craziest race Coach Almon ever ran was a 50k; which is equivalent to 31 miles. This is longer than a marathon.

A fun fact and the most unique thing about Coach Almon would have to be his eyes. They are two different colors; hazel and brown!

If you ever need any recommendation for country music, Coach Almon is the person to go to. He loves anything country, which include the artists, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr., Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, and many more.

“Study, get involved, and enjoy high school.” Coach Almon states.


How well do you know your coach?

Question 1.) What do you think is the longest race Coach Almon has ever ran?

A.)  a Marathon   B.) 50k  C.)100k  D.) Half a marathon


Sarah Schalk– “A” (marathon)

Guadalupe Diaz– “A” (marathon)

Maria Arzate– “D” (half a marathon)

The correct answer is… B (50k).


Question 2.) What is Coach Almon’s favorite type of music?

A.)  Pop   B.) recent hits  C.) Country  D.) Rap

Sarah Schalk– “C” (country)

Guadalupe Diaz– “Country music of course!”

Maria Arzate– “Well he was wearing cowboy boots to pracice that one day so I would have to say that his favorite type of music is country.”

                                                The correct answer is…C (country).

A special thanks to all those interviewed.