Miracle League Of Joliet

Rachel Buechel, News Editor

The Miracle League of Joliet is an organization that helps children with disabilities have fun playing baseball. Each child is paired with a buddy to help them run the bases and encourage them throughout the game. It’s a very fun game that makes sure everyone feels included. Every player gets to bat during each inning and everyone gets to make it around all the bases to score a point. This makes it so each team ties every game.

Senior, Elizabeth Alberti, claims “It was a fulfilling experience which is great because we all love helping out these children accomplish something they love.”

The Miracle League was founded in 1998 making sure that no matter what every child will have a chance to play the wonderful game of baseball. It all started with a coach recognizing one of his player’s brothers who happened to be in a wheelchair constantly cheering for his brother and showing up to every game and practice. He decided that he should get a chance to play and invited him to be on the team. Since then the Miracle League has gone on to be recognized locally and nationally from television to newspapers.

Junior, Marissa Roman says, “The opportunity to help people with disabilities play a sport they love and getting to know them in the process is one of the reasons I love Miracle League. It is so heartwarming and I just adore it.”

There are over 250 Miracle League organizations across the country, and the league wants to expand to have more leagues and spread the word. They are always looking for buddies to help the children out. It gives you a wonderful chance to help the children do something that they love to do.  The miracle league is a wonderful opportunity to show how passionate you can be about whatever you love to do. If you’re are interested in getting involved with the miracle league, you can log on to their website at miracleleague.com or specifically miracleleagueofjoliet.com.