Shea makes her way to state

Ricky Diaz, Sports Editor

Caitlin Shea made it to State this year and is placed in the top 32 of 128 girl tennis players by winning four of her six matches. She made state by placing second in sectionals. This was quite the improvement compared to last season where she only won one match at state. Because of that performance she only expected to win two matches.

“This year especially I have new motivation for tennis because I realized that if I started working to my potential then I would be very successful which paid off during State,” said Caitlin Shea,  about what she thought caused such dramatic improvement. Caitlin went on to describe how prior to this season she never realized what her true potential was until she gained confidence. That confidence came from beating talented players that she could not beat from before.

Even though she was a late bloomer Caitlin feels really good about her performance stating that “I exceeded my own expectations.” She also felt that in every match she played amazing except for the last one, but she did fight as hard as she could and lost to formidable opponents.

Caitlin plans to continue her tennis career at a D3 school and hopes that she will continue to improve as she had this past year.