Student Athlete Profile: Allison Rodawald

Natalie Mander, Contributing Reporter

Three sport athletes are hard to find in most high schools, especially at the freshmen level. Allison Rodawold, however, likes to beat the status quo and excel in some of the toughest sports around. Rodawold was introduced to the sports world at just three when she began to dance competitively.

At age five she began soccer- one of her favorite activities. She took a break from soccer at age nine and continued to dance until she was 14. In her eighth grade year at Hufford Junior High, she quit dancing competitively to play volleyball and basketball.

With the help of her family, Allison was immersed in the sports world at a young age. Rodawold said, “All my cousins and family either play a sport of are former athletes, so I’ve grown up in a pretty tough family.”

Since arriving at West, Rodawold has pushed herself even harder to keep up with her grades and play year-round sports. “My school work is the most important thing, and then comes soccer and volleyball.”

Rodawold has managed to keep over a 3.5 GPA in her first semester of high school while playing volleyball and basketball. Honors English Teacher Sean Hackney said, “Alison is a bright student who listens well and isn’t afraid to take chances.”

After taking a three year break from soccer, Allison returned this year. Playing on the varsity team, she has put in blood, sweat, and tears to achieve this goal. When asked why she loves the soccer so much, Rodawold said, “I guess I just fell in love with the sport.”

Luckily, she hasn’t gone through her highs and lows alone. Her parents, Janice and Rick, have supported her at almost every game, no matter what sport. Both agree that Allison is a talented athlete and ensure that she also excels in her academics. “I am very proud of all her accomplishments, especially managing school work and sports all while attaining high honor roll,” says Janice, her mom.

Allison plans on playing sports all through high school and even in college level, saying, “I want to continue playing in college and hopefully receive a scholarship for soccer.”