Roberts-Burnett becomes Leatherneck: First signing since team split

Michelle Lozano, Sports Editor

First we had Miguel Acosta who earned a full-ride scholarship to DePaul for soccer, and now there is another Tiger on their way to free college due to outstanding athletics. It is my pleasure to continue to write these stories about successful athletes within the fields, and now, courts of Joliet West. For those of you who have yet to read the highly circulated newspapers of Remy in the Herald-News and the Chicago Tribune, senior Remy Roberts-Burnett has recently signed with Western Illinois University to play basketball as a possible starter for the Varsity Leathernecks.

Pulling him aside from his workout, I interviewed Remy Roberts about this great achievement. “I’m excited about my own room,” Roberts began almost suggesting this is the most important benefit of having all expenses paid upon going to college. “Oh, and it’s a nice college town and a perfect size school,” he adds.

Because going to school on an athletic scholarship greatly differs from any other means of going to college, Roberts has many factors to consider when choosing the right school. When asked what stood out from Western in comparison to other schools and offers, Roberts states, “Loyola, DePaul, Eastern Kentucky; they all offered a full-ride. It was the players and the people. They’re respectful, good people, and that’s something that’s hard to find.”

Of course, with moving on, the subject of literally moving on comes to play. Leaving Joliet West is harder for some than others. For Roberts, he’s leaving a lot of memories behind. “I like almost everything about this school. Keyword, almost,” he laughs, “I’ll miss the environment, I enjoy being here.” Because the Steelmen and Tigers got really close throughout their basketball seasons, moving on to play with a whole new set of guys will be a drastic change. Roberts explains how he wishes that some of his friends from the team could go to Western with him. However, his cousin will be attending next year as well, and he is looking forward to, “partying with him, and whatnot.” This change of teams will hopefully be a seamless transition, considering that Roberts already met the team, and he explains, “[The players] act just like our team, just older. They’re cool and funny. They make me feel like family. I can’t pass that up.”

What Roberts is looking forward to most in the upcoming year—although difficult—is finally making the transition from high school to college. This change can be stressful on a teen, especially with pressures from parents of getting into certain schools of certain prices. “My parents are relieved,” Roberts states, “My mom was just nervous because it’s such a hard process. I told her to be patient and it paid off. My life is now set.” His response to moving away from his parents was, “I finally get to grow up and be a man. I don’t gotta worry about parents. Actually, just kidding, I still will.”

Remy Roberts-Burnett will be starting his studies the week after graduation for summer school—a requirement for the basketball team to get ahead in school. He will be majoring in journalism, and of course, playing some ball. “I’ll definitely be back,” Roberts assures, “You won’t miss me too much.”