Athletic Department Steps Up their Game

Audrey Miller, Features Editor

 Have you ever heard the saying “leave good enough alone”? Well, West does not believe in this, and suggests that good is just not good enough.

When it comes to our sports fields and facilities, we rank about average. However, Joliet West has recently stepped up their game and provided a few new additions that greatly please our fellow baseball coaches and players.

 One of the biggest renovations that have been made is the relocation of the freshman baseball field from its current position by the field house to its new spot nearer to K-Mart. The school has funded the reconstruction of this new freshman field, adding limestone to the infield.

“I was a freshman baseball player last year, and one of the main problems I’ve experienced has been the condition of the dirt in the infield. As a second baseman, I’ve gotten my fair share of bad hops due to the uneven surface of the dirt ground. Adding limestone was the best idea West had to offer,” sophomore Matt Ryan said.

In addition, several revisions have been made to the varsity field as well. A fence has been put up around the circumference of the field reaching heights of ten feet in deep center. The bullpens have been moved inside the fence, making it easier for players to get on and off the field. A warning track has been inserted, as well as foul pole extensions. West has provided the field with a new mound, new home plate, and fresh grass covering the 1st and 3rd baselines. Lastly, the batting cages have been moved between the two fields for more convenient use.

“Every day I come to school it feels like Christmas,” baseball coach and health instructor Mr. Karczewski said, “It’s nice to see that West is finding ways to improve while other schools are cutting back.”