West ‘Steels’ the Win

Dave Talarico, Sports Editor

The long awaited Joliet West v. Joliet Central rivalry game took place Saturday October 2 and did not disappoint. The game lived up to everything that the students and the coaches thought that it was going to be. Throughout the stands and the sidelines, everyone was able to feel the different atmosphere that the players had during the game. The players and fans were always energetic and it showed by the team’s performance.

The game started off with West getting the ball and not being able to convert but on Centrals first drive, they fumbled on their 25 yard line and senior defensive back, Jon Smith, recovered and returned the fumble for a touchdown. Central responded with a touchdown and a two point conversion to go ahead 8-7 in the first quarter. For the rest of the game the rest of the scoring was done by West. Another fumble was recovered and returned for a touchdown but this time by junior linebacker Trea Turner. After the first half, the Tigers were leading the Steelmen 21-8.  Cameron Hargrove had to rushing touchdowns one for 13 yards and one for 25 yards. The Tigers recovered a fumble on Central’s one yard line and scored on the next play with a one yard touchdown run by senior quarterback Malcolm Allen. The Tigers ended the game with a recovered fumble with one minute thirty seconds left by senior defensive back Mike Gawlik. “Our defense was able to capitalize on Central’s mistakes” Coach Aubrey said. Without the defensive efforts the game would have finished differently. Central had the ball for almost three quarters of the game, and the Tigers defense held Central to eight points. Although the Tigers had a great game this week and are looking to keep their momentum going the coaches realize that the Tigers are only as good as their last game. Coach Aubrey said it best: “If we don’t win this week then this win doesn’t mean anything. You are only as good as your last game so we have to continue our success.”