Saturday Football Games

Marquel Washington, staff writer

Friday night lights, that’s the saying when you think of football, yet that isn’t the case for Joliet West. Instead of being on a Friday night, football games are on Saturday mornings. This basically defeats the purpose of football in High school. West doesn’t want to hold their games on a weekday, but for what reason? Why can’t West have their games on Fridays like most schools, especially considering the annual powder puff game is played on a Wednesday, a weekday?

Every year, most schools have a powder puff game. It’s a time for girls to get in on the action of playing football and for the guys to see what it’s like to be a cheerleader. It’s usually a fun time, allowing the guys and girls to switch roles for a day and step out of their comfort zones.  This year at West, it has gotten many students wondering why it’s allowed to be on a weekday. Considering the regular football games have to be on Saturday, the Wednesday powder puff game is unfair. This appears to be a double standard by the school to allow a girls football game to be on a weekday and not allow the guys football games to also be on one. Plus what’s the real harm of having football games on Friday when in reality, it would actually help the school.

Many students don’t attend the football games, due to the simple reason that it’s so early. Moving the football games back to Friday would bring more students to the games and help create school spirit.  Increased ticket sales due to heightened attendance would increase school profits – yet another benefit. Isn’t West is struggling with money? All football games should be allowed to take place on Fridays because both the students and the school would benefit from it.