Headed in a new direction

Paige Cline, staff writer

The Joliet West Varsity Volleyball team has headed in a new direction. In their last couple of matches, they have won a few and have enjoyed the wins greatly.

Coach Mart has been coaching volleyball for 23 years, 21 years at Joliet West and 2 years at Elmwood High School and is the head coach for the Varsity Volleyball team here at West. Coach Herrmann, who is a Physical Education teacher at West, is the assistant coach along with Coach Miller who is an assistant Teacher elsewhere.

Coach Mart said, “We are going to continue to work hard from here on out and to work on our fundamentals and basics needed for success. Also, we will be working with players and coaches-developing a plan to create success-to get players to be accountable and responsible for success of the team.”

“Our goals for the team are to work on our serves and getting all of them to the service zones that I call for them to ace. The goals for myself are to call the correct service zones for the players to serve at. For the team to get better, I think we need to work on our communication skills and become better communicators.” Stated, Coach Herrmann.

Coach Miller had some thoughts of her own, “I would love to tell fans to come out and support the Varsity Volleyball team at every home game. I think that will get the players more psyched for the game. We are a young team with many skills and abilities. Having fans to support our players is always encouraging for the team. My goal as a coach is to continue to encourage and push each player to the best of their ability.”

The Varsity Volleyball team will be heading in a new direction from here on out. They are improving and focusing on the wins in the near future. Come out and support the team!