Big win for new mayor D’Arcy

Kilie Billings, Staff Writer

This April 5th, after many years of being mayor, Bob O’Dekirk has lost his position to Terry D’Arcy.
This year’s runner’s up for the mayor of Joliet were Terry D’Arcy, Bob O’Dekirk, and Tycee Bell. Voting was held Apr. 4th, and the results showed D’Arcy had a strong lead over O’Dekirk after speaking with his supporters. The results ended with 61 percent for D’Arcy, 30 percent for O’Dekirk, and 9 percent for Tycee Bell.
One of the many factors for why many people voted for Terry D’Arcy was because he has many years of experience in the business world from owning a car dealership. D’Arcy also believes he can apply his 31 years of business experience to run the state’s third-largest city. “I need something to do to finish off my career and what better thing to do than bring the city into the future?” D’Arcy previously said.
D’Arcy has said the next mayor must make better plans to include ideas to keep more young people in Joliet. For example, the other candidates agreed that downtown Joliet needs to be remodeled but D’Arcy is the one to plan this next step.” Some of our zonings are so old. We need to take a look at it to make sure it’s gonna fit today’s needs and the needs of young people,” the new mayor said. .
There are many different plans D’Arcy has planned to do in the upcoming year of being mayor, like improving how resources are allocated and improving how the city is viewed, but one of his main goals are to improve the quality of life in Joliet. He plans to support local law enforcement on crime reduction, purchasing new equipment for all our first responders including lifesaving gear for firefighters and paramedics, creating an Advisory Committee to explore a tiered system for equitable water rates based on use.
All in all the new mayor of Joliet Terry D’Arcy has plans for a better change in Joliet.