Idaho students killed: TikTok investigators search for answers

Alyssa VanMeter, Staff Writer

On November 13, 2022 Xana Kernodle, Ethan Chapin, Maddie Mogan, and Kaylee Goncalves; college students from the University of Idaho were brutally murdered inside of their own home. Police have been working diligently for seven weeks to find the culprit. Social media has been blowing up since the start of the investigation. This can be a good and bad thing–several people have helped the police find clues while other people have blamed innocent people.

TikToker Ashley Guillard makes tarot card reading videos that she makes to help investigate and predict real life crimes. Guillard starts to look at the Idaho murders and accuses a professor for the murders based on her readings. She explains in her videos that the professor allegedly planned the murders in response to a relationship with Kaylee Goncalves, the victim, when her only evidence is tarot card readings, and her explanations are made up stories.

The professor, Scofield messaged Guillard because she had been receiving online threats from people who watched the TikTok about her. She asked Guillard to take the videos down, deeming them inappropriate and completely false. Guillard refused to take down the videos. 

So Scofield took matters into her own hands and she filed a lawsuit against Guillard. Scofield stated that, “None of the four victims were ever students in any of my classes, and I was away in Oregon with my husband at the time of the murders.”  While the police have been investigating, they state that they do not believe Scofield was involved in the crime. 

The attorney for Scofield proves that she was in Portland, Oregon visiting friends. Scofield and her husband checked out of their hotel Nov. 13 and then drove back to Moscow which was the same day of the murder.  Scofield’s attorney states, “What’s even worse is that these untrue statements create safety issues for the professor and her family. They also further compound the trauma that the families of the victims are experiencing and undermine law enforcement efforts to find the people responsible in order to provide answers to the families and the public.” Scofield filed the lawsuit against Guillard to ensure the protection she needs for her and her family. Since the time of the videos being posted, Scofield has received multiple different threats. 

The police are investigating the murder of the four students from the university and since then have found a suspect with the name of Bryan Kohberger. He is currently under arrest for being a suspect for this horrific crime. Guillard still pushes for Scofield’s arrest, even while he is jail. Support goes out to all of the families of the victims and the innocent people suspected of this crime