Top 25 seniors recognized

Natalie Bartelt, News Editor

On Monday evening, April 11, the top 25 students of the senior classes at Joliet West, Joliet Central, and Joliet Catholic Academy were recognized for their exceeding academic achievement at 176 West Banquet Hall in Joliet, IL.

The banquet, which has been held for over ten years, started around 6:30 pm and began with a meal. Students were allowed four people to bring to the ceremony and attire was expected to be relatively formal.

Member of the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Education Committee Mark Griglione briefly spoke followed by the principal of each school going on to name their top students. Students’ high school accomplishments were announced as well as their future plans.

The ceremony lasted about an hour and a half and ended around 8 pm.

“It was really nice to be recognized at the banquet,” explained senior Haley Maser. “Getting to here everyone’s accomplishments and future plans was really nice.”

Top 25 Students:
Madison Aharrah
Jade Barrios
Jackson Bartelt
Jon Beltzhoover
Nikolaos Dakalis
Lauren GansMayra Gutierrez
Kelsey Kobe
Tony Kochev
Ellen Lundeen
Evelynn Mantia
Haley Maser
Jessica Meza
Matthew Modzelewski
Abby Morgan
Josianna Newby
Walter Nowacki
Daniela Perez
Brandon Price
Etta Sklar
Rylee Smiles
Tiffany Trizna
Sofie Young
Sean Zarobsky