Senior decision day

Sarah Shay, Entertainment Editor

On April 29, seniors at Joliet West gathered to celebrate their post-secondary decisions alongside supportive staff members.

Decision day is a time for senior students’ goals and plans to be acknowledged, whether they are attending college, going into a trade school, heading straight into a career, or anything else.

This year, the celebration included many games and opportunities including a raffle, trivia, and a photo opportunity with props and flags.

Many of these were sponsored by local businesses and community members who wished to encourage student success in their future endeavors.

Senior Colton Sullivan noted, “It was really cool, it was nice of them to have all the banners for pictures, and prizes for the people who came in.”

Prizes for attending seniors included a variety of gift cards and dorm room equipment for those going to college this fall.

If any students attended and submitted anything for a prize, be sure to check the Senior Class of 2022 Google Classroom page to see all of the announced winners.