Out with the old, in with the new

Mariah Brooks, Features Editor

Many students have noticed the new whiteboards in some classrooms. Throughout the year, teachers at Joliet West have been getting whiteboards installed in their rooms. Teachers got these whiteboards on request, but not every teacher who has requested them has gotten whiteboards installed yet.

Most of the teachers who have gotten their whiteboards have gotten them in a timely manner. Even some within weeks of requesting one, but most had to wait awhile because of Covid. Most teachers put in their request for one when the talk of replacing whiteboards was brought up the first time before Covid. Obviously due to some of the other urgent changes that the school had to make, installation was pushed back a long time.

None of the teachers were given any warning of when these whiteboards would be coming. Some had a vague idea due to neighboring classrooms getting theirs in, or notes from maintenance asking them to clear their boards of decorations.

Teachers who have gotten the new whiteboards have gotten enough to cover all of the chalkboards in their room, while some other teachers haven’t even gotten one

Ms. Galloy, an English teacher, stated “I’ve been asking for a whiteboard since 2008 when I got to this room, and I’ve yet to get one.” But most of her neighboring teachers have gotten theirs installed, and for some rooms there are multiple. “I am anxiously waiting to get mine and will take full advantage once I do.”
Arianna Westbrooks, a junior, stated “I’ve heard that there have been new whiteboards, but I haven’t noticed any.”
On the other side all of the teachers who have gotten the new whiteboards are very happy with the new addition to their classroom.

Mr. Conard, a physics teacher, said, “I am pleased to have a whiteboard. While Mr. Conard, a physics teacher in room B225, using his new whiteboard to teach his class a lesson on waves. I’ll miss the sliding chalkboard panels the whiteboard now covers, being rid of the chalk dust is a huge plus.“

Another teacher Mrs. Grow, a Spanish teacher, said “ I am grateful to have these whiteboards and they are an appreciated resource in my classroom.”

Overall all the teachers who have received a whiteboard are very grateful for the new additions. Whiteboards will continue to be installed till the end of year, and maybe into the summer.