Black and White Dance: Diamonds in the sky

Marissa Levandowski, Staff Writer

The Black and Whit Dance was officially moved from February 19 to March 19, due to covid cases predicted to peak in February. Since the dance was moved more students were able to safely attend. The dance was also moved into the field house to allow more space for students to be spread out.

This year’s theme was Diamonds in the Sky and the dance was in the field house for the first time. Masks were optional, most students decided not to wear them. No heels were allowed because they did not want to risk damaging the field house track. For the most part students did comply with this rule.

Student Council along with planning the dance also plans spirit week. Another great part of black and white is the week of anticipation. The spirit days this year were flannel day, alter ego day, Wednesdays we wear pink, character day, and black and gold.

Arianna Westbrooks, a Student council member said, “We chose the spirit week themes by putting our heads down, and raising our hand when we heard a theme we liked.”

Overall the dance was a hit, DJ sabby made a return and how the crowd engaged throughout the dance. Many
students were able to join the DJ on stage during songs. The field house was decorated with colorful balloons and streamers. There were dazzling lights throughout the gym. The night ended with a balloon drop that everyone seemed to love.

Mariah Brooks, a Sophomore at Joliet West said, “The dance was really fun, and the decorations were so pretty.”
According to Gabi Apostolovski, a student at Joliet West, “I thought that the decorations at the dance went very well with the theme of the dance, I did not like how the DJ kept talking during the songs and due to that less songs were played.”

With the dance being in the field house for the first time it was very spacious. It did take time for everyone to gather around the stage. It felt like a lot less people were there compared to the other dances, due to how big the field house is.

Many students shared that they did prefer the dance in the field house to allow for more room. Devin Thomas, junior, shared, “My most absolute favorite part of the dance was getting the chance to go up on stage and dance in front of everyone who was there.”

Student council did an amazing job transforming the field house for the evening. The colorful balloons throughout the field house really added to the vibes. Everyone was jumping dancing and singing and overall really seemed to enjoy the dance.