Olympians against China’s camps

Delanie Sebby, Photo Editor

The 2022 Olympic Championship this year will be held in Beijing, China, which has led to many people wondering whether it is safe enough to speak out against the heinous acts that have been committed against Muslims. Many have been told to stay quiet about the situation for their own safety by the athletic trainers.

In recent years, China has captured almost 4 million Uighur Muslims. When captured, the people has to go through vigourus torture and women also endure sexual torture including insemination. Some tortures they are forced to do include religion changing by studying Marxism, wine and pork being served (against the Muslim religion to indulge in pork and wine), and forced labor in factories.

Even though there is plenty of evidence against China, they still decline it, and if they don’t they claim it is a “re-education school” which is still a religious conversion. The mass genocide occurs in Xinijang, China.

Many are calling the 2022 Olympics the “Feel Guilty Games” because of these horrible incidents that are occurring. Although China keeps denying the allegations of any crimes, they are also paying different sources to say it isn’t actually going on.

A female victim named Tursunay Ziauddin said “The men always wore masks, even though there was no pandemic then.” She spent 9 long months, and was sexually assaulted and was forced into way worse by these masked men. The men were known to wear suits instead of guard uniforms. According to Ziauddin, sometime after midnight, they came to the cell block to choose their next woman. They take these women into a room called ‘the black room’ be-
cause of there being no security cameras, Tursunay said they took her down several times for their unfathomable deeds.

China has now built more than 380 internment camps. They range from high security prison levels to lowest security levels. These camps would have been going under the radar if it wasn’t for the survivor accounts that came
forward. Camps like this have been shown to be built with factory complexes to confuse the natural eye. With these
types of complexes, it is much easier to perform forced labor.

These are some cases of why these athletes would like to speak out. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, slammed the Chinese government for their horrendous actions against Uighurs as horrible, diabolical, and slave labor. “The People’s Republic of China is perpetrating a campaign of gross human rights violations, including
genocide,” Pelosi claimed at a panel hearing in DC, with Hong Kong, Uighur, and Tibetan rights activists.

Activist groups like the ones listed allege that China has detained up to a million Muslims; placed them in camps, giving them no more basic rights and leaving them in a tight surveillanced place. They undergo forced sterilizations, and the Chinese destroy hundreds of mosques.

Knowing what they know, the athletes are scared.

President Joe Biden told officials that the US government will not be sending US officials to attend the games. Some other nations joining the diplomatic boycott are the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Denmark,
Canada, Sweden, Estonia, Austria, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Latvia, and Japan.

Pelosi told reporters “While we support, and will root for our athletes, we cannot be silent on human rights in China just to bolster their bottom line.”