Illinois governor campaigns begin

Alesha Westbrook, Copy Editor

The upcoming Illinois Governor Election will take place on Nov. 8, 2022.

With this huge event coming up, a lot of people want to know backgrounds on who might be taking over partial control of their state. There are a few new candidates joining the race for this election. One of the people receiving the most attention from entering this would be the mayor of Aurora, Richard Irvin who joined as part of the Republican side on Jan. 17 2022, with Avery Bourne as his running mate.

Another addition to this running, would be radio host Erich “Mancow” Muller. He has decided to run as an independent and announced this information on News Nation on Jan. 12, 2022. Although he seems very confident, he doesn’t have any prior experience with politics.

Muller has also proposed to drop gas prices again as he stated in an interview, “What I want to do is leave people alone,” Muller said. “I want to roll back gas taxes and cut those in half.” Even with this proposal, people still think he’s a very controversial figure to have in office. He has voiced support for conspiracies and questioned authenticity of former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

But despite all of this, he has shown great concern for the safety of Chicago’s schools and neighborhoods.

As for our current Governor J.B Pritzker, he is still running and hopes to be re-elected. He was sworn into office January 14th 2019, for his four-year term in office. He succeeded Republican incumbent Bruce Rauner, who lost his bid for re-election in 2018. Pritzker has also proposed lowering gas prices, offering relief on groceries, and property taxes, even though he has been criticized for raising these prices in the past.

With all these candidates and some of their backgrounds and proposals, one of the biggest questions people have been asking is, who’s going to win?

The other concern is what’s going to change? Hopefully these get answered on Nov. 8