PE uniform changes next semester

Haley Maser, Editor-in-Chief

Beginning next semester, Joliet West’s PE uniform guidelines will be changing. During the first semester, students were able to wear any athletic apparel of their choosing. Next month, the school will be returning  to the mandatory t-shirts worn in past years. 

This change is due to safety, according to an email from the school sent on Wednesday December 16. The communication further explains that with standardized shirts, PE teachers will be able to easily identify which students belong in their class. The change also ensures students will be in appropriate gym attire. 

Shirts will be provided to students at no additional cost, however there will be an option to purchase the shirts from teachers in the locker room. Additionally, students who forget their shirts will be able to rent one. If they choose to not wear the shirt and other proper athletic wear, students will not be able to participate for the day. Not dressing can negatively impact daily PE grades. 

On top of the change, students will still be expected to wear athletic pants and shoes. Leggings, sweatpants, and 7-inch shorts are allowed, as well as standard gym shoes. Footwear such as boots, crocs, or sandals are not allowed.

Repeated offenses of the PE dress code will result in disciplinary action. This could include losing points daily or a referral to their dean. A committee will be held next semester for students to give their input on physical education rules, including the dress code.