Will County now opening vaccine clinics to 16 year-olds

Emily Vayda, staff writer

Will County is now allowing vaccine centers to let anyone over the age of 16 to have the opportunity to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Soon enough, the county may even allow anyone 12 and older to have the chance as well.  

Anyone interested in signing up for the vaccine can do so by visiting the website for Will County Health Department.  You can sign up for any of the vaccine centers in the county through the website.  Will County currently has 5 vaccination sites – one in Wilmington, one in Monee, and three right in Joliet at the Will County Health Department, the former Toys-R-Us location, and Joliet West High School.  The Moderna vaccine is available to anyone 18 and over, and Pfizer is available to anyone 16 and older.  A parent or guardian must accompany anyone aged 16 or 17 to the appointment.   

Callie Kranz, a 16 year old Joliet West student, has received her first dose of the vaccine.  When Callie was asked how her age group feels about the vaccine, she replied, “A lot of my friends got the vaccine as soon as they were eligible.  I don’t think many of us are nervous to get the vaccine.  To a lot of us, getting the vaccine would be worth the risk if it meant we could have a sense of normal life back.”  I, personally, am 18 years old and also received my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine recently at Joliet West High School.  The process was all very simple.  I signed up online and received a QR code which they scan at the door when you go for the vaccine.  Then they administer the vaccine, and you wait for about 10-15 minutes after to just be sure that there are no reactions to the vaccine.  You are given your vaccination card and are able to sign up for your second dose before you leave.  It was extremely well organized and efficient.  

Currently, vaccine appointments are limited, however, not as hard to get as when they first came out.  For those looking to receive the vaccine, visit the website of the county that you live in to book.  Appointments can also be made at places such as Walgreens, Jewel, or some CVS locations.