Bar owner arrested after Jazzpher Evans attack


Steven Homan’s mugshot

Natalie Bartelt, staff writer

Late on April 15, accused attacker of Jazzpher Evans was identified as 47-year-old Steve Homan, owner of The Barn bar located in Quincy, Il. He was arrested for aggravated battery after a 10-day investigation. The Quincy Police Department stated, “It was decided at that time that rather than rush the issue, it was prudent to conduct a proper investigation before making an arrest.” 

The incident occurred on April 6 when Homan allegedly grabbed Evans and pushed her up against a wall, throwing her to the ground and then allegedly leaving her unconscious outside. 

Homan is facing felony charges and was released on a $25,000 bond. Police shared that they started a separate investigation that would look into liquor validations at The Barn and once complete the case would be under review to consider the removal of the business’ liquor license.

Around 200 people showed up in support of Evans at a rally held on April 18 in an effort to “raise awareness and amplify Jazzpher’s voice that justice will be served.” Evans’ attorney released a statement, saying, “While the news of charges spark hope, we remain relentless in our pursuit that Steve Homan is held fully accountable for his wrongdoing and the drama he inflicted on Jazzpher.” The rally sparked a Human Rights Commission investigation and Evans’ mother, Shavon Williams, shared on Facebook, “I just want to take a moment to thank everyone that’s supported monetarily or with their time, shared the story, called to check on us, protested with us and uplifted us during this time…community is so important and it was shown how powerful it can be.” 

Evans’ family expressed that they understand Homan’s charges are only a step forward towards justice for the 19-year-old and the Quincy Police Department commented, “The path to justice is rarely short and easy.” Homan is due for a court appearance on May 4.