JTHS extends remote learning


The JTHS Board of Education approved remote learning to be extended through November 10th. The extension was recommended by Superintendent Dr. Guseman.

Haley Maser, News Editor

After nearly five weeks of attending school virtually, an announcement came Tuesday that JTHS will be continuing this online alternative through November 10. A new decision is supposed to be made every six weeks, taking into consideration Coronavirus data and the school’s projected ability to handle the situation at hand.

At the September 15 board meeting, the e-learning extension was approved. The announcement to the Joliet West and Central communities came shortly after, with the superintendent, Dr. Guseman, showing her sympathy to those that are struggling. “We understand, and we are here to support you.  I see your hard work and perseverance,” she expressed in a statement directed towards students.

With the announcement posted on social media as well as the JTHS website, parents were able to voice their thoughts and concerns. Facebook user Raquel Villagomez stayed positive, writing “Thank you JTHS!” Other reactions were less grateful, with many commenters pointing out the issues with the new timeline. User Stacey Gerdes-Hertzmann stated, “so disappointing,” while April Mounce-Shourek commented, “They have more work now then where they were [in] the school.”

This news heavily affects students and teachers who have had to readjust to this new way of learning. West student Sarah Shay, who is currently balancing four virtual AP classes, reflected on the update, stating, “Although it might be necessary, having online learning for so long could potentially damage students’ mental health and learning ability.” 

Every six weeks brings a new chance to implement hybrid learning, but due to Coronavirus data, returning in person seems unlikely at this time. Students’ well being and difficulties with the virtual format are challenges at the forefront of this unique school year.