Purpose of Remote Planning Days

Aileen Carranza, Editor-in-Chief

On April 30, Joliet West had their first Remote Planning day. The purpose of Remote Planning days is to give students an opportunity to catch up with all their school work, and possibly do remake assignments. Students will not have to log in for attendance, and teachers do not have to give instruction. Teachers will use this time to grade and to plan for the following week. Of course, teachers will still be available via email to help students.

From April 30 and forwards, Remote Planning days will occur every Thursday until May 28, the last day of school. On the last day of school students will still need to login for attendance. 

I asked Lilianna Carranza, a sophomore at Joliet West, about how she will be spending her remote planning day. She said, “I will be using these days to not only give myself a break from constantly being on the computer but to also catch up on any assignments I may still have. It’s good to know that we will have a break to look forward to in the week.”

It is important that students continue to work efficiently on assignments given, this day will be beneficial to many students who may need extra time to catch up and to those students who will have the day to log off the computer and do other activities during this time of self-distancing.