Pritzker hints to the possibility of E-Learning continuing when schools reopen in the fall

Katherine Williams, staff writer

On April 26, 2020, during his daily coronavirus press briefing, Governor Pritzker announced that students and teachers should prepare for E-learning in the fall. The fate of the coronavirus is still unclear and even with the reopenings of some businesses, large gatherings are still prohibited.

In March, Pritzker announced the closing of schools due to the coronavirus, and in early April, he extended the closing to the end of the school year. Due to the coronavirus, schools have been using E-learning methods to continue the school year at home. 

Many teachers expressed their concern with E-learning, and how it has been affecting students. “As a special education teacher, I was very sad that my students won’t get the support they need to finish the 5th grade and be ready for middle school.” Ruqayyah McCallum, a special education teacher at Monee Elementary School. 

Since hearing that schools should start preparing for E-learning in the fall, students have been expressing their opinions to their peers. “I’m upset that we might have to continue doing this going into our senior year,” said Megan Medina, a junior. 

With the coronavirus crisis, Pritzker has been able to see the faults in the Illinois school system. He recommends districts to tap into state funds to improve E-learning for the next school year. Pritzker has encouraged teachers and administrators to work hard in making sure E-learning is available in the future. Even when the pandemic is over with, he wants E-learning to continuously be improved.

Whether school reopens on time in the fall or not, the fact remains that it will likely look very different than it has. What those changes will be are still unknown.