West’s eighth grade preview night

Freddy Ortiz, News Editor

Adolescence: the deeply impressionable–and at times difficult–stage of childhood. Rank with indecisiveness, a student’s transition to high school life can be a bit much to bear. Enter Joliet West’s Preview night, a function dedicated to showing off all the school has to offer in grandiose fashion and a remedy to quell the swirling uncertainties 8th graders may have in the years to come.
Held annually, the event is designed for the sake of educational purposes. Parents and children were guided by ROTC students and facility to our school auditorium wherein a presentation including all academy coordinators welcomed the audience warmly. With brevity the audience were informed by the coordinators of the freshmen academy’s background. Mrs. Pulaski lead the talk about teaming, electives, career fair, Naviance, and all things pertaining to freshmen life here at west. The mic was passed between the other coordinators as they discussed electives, clubs, and the differing organizations available to these students.
Afterwards, parents then choose four break session out of thirteen to partake with their child, learning of all the intricacies of each academy. The guests were guided by in-uniform ROTC students to the field house were all of our school’s clubs, organizations, and athletics programs had set up tables to promote all they stand for. One can expect displays like the robotics team’s robots roaming the floor, or a video developed by our football team showcasing their many plays, wins, and games. Orchestra played at the doors and choir kids stood about stations singing. The student body worked to appeal to the interests of these soon-to-be freshmen in a way that brought West to life.
Health coordinator Mr. Markun stated, “That’s what makes our school the students. We put them out there and were almost bragging. Like when you walk into our building and the first thing you see is a four-six-eight-piece orchestra playing it’s impressive. Our kids are talented so be able to do things like that and I think it sets the tone for the night seeing our students on display, going through the field house and touring our fifty-sum clubs.”
Markun expressed this was an event to pique interests and to show students this was a place they could find something to be a part of. It was a sentiment justified by Gerardo Garcia from Hufford who commented, “I thought it would be hard, but it’s not and I like tech and drama. I didn’t know that they had bowling and I am really good at bowling. I think I’ll try out.”
The event was an arguable success and next year we are certain our new tigers will roam the school halls with confidence as they begin their high school careers.