JTHS Library Renovations


Jennifer Galloy

Architectural Design Plan for the new JWHS Library

Ella French, staff writer

Sister schools, Joliet West and Joliet Central, will be receiving 5 million dollars in total to renovate their media centers. The renovations are planned to begin in May and become final in mid-October. Both Media Centers will close one month prior to the end of this school year to prepare for construction. 

Joliet West’s media center has not received any major changes since its establishment in 1964. The new plans and details about the event were presented at the October board of education meeting on October 15, 2019. 

Head librarian, Amy Lingafelter said, “it’s time for the renovations. As students’ needs change, there needs to be a change in their work area.” 

Freshman, Libby Ferak, agrees with Lingafelter. Ferak states, “The renovations are long overdue”. 

With the survey posted on each school’s website, students like Ferak can have a heavy hand in what they want their library to look like. The survey asks questions based on what students want. Some ask about the library’s environment, atmosphere, and the activities they partake in after school. 

Before any decisions were made, librarians, assistant superintendents, and architects visited four Chicago-area high schools to view state-of-the-art Media Centers and their functionality while in use by students. 

“Remodeling the centers will provide updated and more inviting interior spaces for teachers and students with the goal of making the spaces desirable places to study, work with others and learn,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Ilandus Hampton who is working closely with the architects and builders on the project. “The conceptual themes consist of reconfiguring the centers to include a variety of learning spaces such as individual study locations, small group semi-private booths, medium-sized group conference/workrooms, and areas capable of hosting entire classes for formal instruction or presentations.  A variety of technology-driven, flexible furnishings will provide options for casual seating and individual and group learning preferences.”

The new library will be a better, more interactive, and student-friendly area for all Joliet West Students.