Joliet West’s great teachers

Emma Athern , Copy Editor

The Joliet Area Great Teachers Awards were created to emphasize the vital partnership that exists between businesses and education in southwest Will County. Three teachers from Joliet West have received the Joliet Area Great Teacher Award. These teachers were given the award on February 7th, 2019 at the Jacob Henry Mansion by the Joliet Chamber of Commerce. The three teachers from West who were awarded were Alyssa Greenwald, Amy Walsh, and Amy Lingafelter. They were selected from a substantial list of educators in the Joliet area who were nominated by their students, peers, administrators, and members of the community. These women have shown great leadership throughout the school and towards their students. Ms. Walsh says, “It was an honor to be recognized for the work we do in the library,” stating that her and Ms. Lingafelter had been co-nominated as the librarians. As for Mr. Greenwald, an English 1, 2, and 3 teacher at west, she said “The entire experience was an honor, from start to finish. My students (past, present, and future) are the reason to push myself to keep learning, improving, and never settle for less. This award is as much theirs as it is mine.” Joliet West is proud of these educators and their successors!