The SAT prep course

Freddy Ortiz, News Editor

With the first semester over and second just beginning many students are anxiously awaiting the return of summer, but for some these feeling are redirected towards something more daunting.

The SAT. Arguably the most important test in a student’s academic career, the SAT opens doors as student’s shape their future, but how does one prepare for such an important test?

In truth, Joliet West students have been preparing for the SAT since 8th grade since our high school uses PSAT scores to determine our classes. Additionally, students frequently will have interacted with SAT-type questions through their time in high school as teachers incorporate test prep throughout the year.

But West provides platforms to go the extra mile. An SAT Prep course is available to all students during the morning and after school hours. The cost to take this course is $35. Here students receive books and take part in lectures centering on the SAT, but programs aren’t the only means of preparation.

Our library provides students with test prep materials such as books that can be checked out for students to review and quiz themselves. Librarian Amy Lingafelter states, “It’s smart to seek help and use all the resources available to you. If you want to make a certain SAT score happen, you’re capable of that achievement with preparation and time. Take advantage of the help available to you at school; people who achieve their goals seek out assistance and ask for help.”

The SAT takes place April 9th of this year and though that seems far off, we all know how fast time flys. The Anxieties of the second semester are great, but we have the means to quell our nerves. So, keep up with your studies and remember not to deny yourself a helping hand West is here to help.