Getting a 3 on your AP exam

Emma Athern, Copy Editor

The beginning of second semester kicks off the second half of a journey for the students that are going to be taking their AP College Board exams. These students are among the many at Joliet West who in May will be among the hundreds of thousands across America taking their tests. These tests come after months of preparation, and there’s never one right way to study. But if you study using some of these tips, your APUSH or AP Human Geography test may be a little easier than you thought. And remember- Your score doesn’t define you. Your self-worth is defined by your character and how you view yourself, not a number given to you by one test you took. Here are some tips and tricks to help you succeed.

Study Early- The earlier the better. Hopefully your teachers leave time at the end for the class to study before the exam, but even once a day or every other day for 5 minutes is going to add up and is going to give you a head start.

● Be okay with choosing studying over friends- The test is important! If you must spend a Friday night at home studying instead of at a party sometimes that’s what must happen. Study groups are also a GREAT tool to get a few people together who are dedicated about something they want to achieve.

● Use online resources- College Board has so many great options for practice exams questions no matter what test your taking and when it’s given to you, it’s better to use it than let it go to waste.