Unigo: know where to go

Unigo: know where to go

Freddy Ortiz, News Editor

Unigo is an online database that works to connect students with colleges, potential scholarships, internships, and career advice. Comprised of thousands of potential scholarship offers, the site provides those of senior status options. The selection process of colleges can be a stressful process, but Unigo works to elevate such issues.

Users upon entering the site can create an account and fill out background information about themselves to better find colleges and scholarships more probable in acceptance. However, due to the websites expansive reach and depth in possible matches this process is tedious and long. Users must answer a whopping 70 background questions touching on an individual’s background ranging from ethnicity to the most minute of personal interests.

Organization is a key value upheld by the website as Unigo organizes any students possible scholarships by expiration date, chance of receiving, and award size. In conjunction with this, Unigo categorizes scholarships by their subjects such as academic and athletic.

For students, Unigo matches colleges and potential scholarships with the tap of a button. It works to organize, recommend, and provide one of the most valuable things many seniors need as the end of the year approaches: help.