Mr and Miss Alpha Omega

Alexis Schofield, Online Managing Editor

The Alpha Omega contest and student organization is an annual Joliet West tradition, awarding one male and one female the title of Mr. and Miss Alpha Omega, as well as a scholarship award given to the first, second, and third place winners. The first place title-holders are also given the opportunity to speak at their graduation ceremony.

At the start of this year, fifty females and fifty males received a letter stating that they were placed into the running for Alpha Omega.

If they chose to participate, they were required to create cover letters that a board of teachers and representatives read, and then selected who would advance in the contest. Mid-September, after rigorous decisions, the top thirteen males and the top thirteen females were notified and pronounced finalists.

Upon becoming a finalist, these students would be named student ambassadors for the Joliet community, as well as representatives at school events. At the current moment, the top thirteen have already been chosen based on their commitment to the community and academic success, shown through their cover letters that they were judged on.

Finalist Morgan Beene expresses her enthusiasm stating, “I am really happy and thankful to have achieved this accomplishment. I love working for the community through the school and I look forward to seeing what this organization brings me.”

As of right now, the finalists are finalizing their cover letters and preparing for their interviews in April, where they will be judged based on their academic success, leadership, community service, commitment to the school, and maturity.

The winners of Alpha Omega will ultimately be chosen based on how well-rounded of a student they are. Every finalist who is in the running currently is actively working with determination, hoping to be named as this year’s Mr. and Miss Alpha Omega.