Trump suggests redefining gender

Trump suggests redefining gender

Madison Horvat and Kiersten Jordan , Cartoonists

The Trump administration has proposed a new regulation on gender identity. The idea would be to only define gender as what a person was assigned with at birth. This regulation if passed, would reverse recent protection and recognition of transgender itizens in the United States.

Transgender rights activists have voiced their opinions and are willing to take a stand through rallies and protests. Many politicians and celebrities have also voiced their opinions on the proposal.

Trump has been accused of using his position to personally attack transgender Americans, as defining gender strictly would deny them recognition and rights.

He was also previously under backlash when he attempted to impose a military ban for transgender citizens in the spring and summer of this year, as well as removing protection for transgender students that allowed them to use the bathroom of their gender identity. “I feel like it is unnecessary to change it now. If people really had a problem with it then wouldn’t people have tried to change it earlier? It is irritating to me that people are making a big deal about it now.

“In my opinion, I feel like current definition is fine as it is because it really is the truth.” a Joliet West sophomore and member of the school’s GSA (Gender and Sexuality Awareness) club said when questioned on their opinion. It’s widely believed that this proposal will not go through, as it’s been argued to be discriminatory and against human rights. People have also voiced their disappointment but lack of surprise that Trump has not lived up to his campaign promises of supporting the LGBT+ community.

In these circumstances, the community has rallied together to support each other all throughout the country, with many branching out to resources for help like the Trevor Project or the Trans lifeline. Joliet West students can turn to resources online, over the phone, in the GSA club or through the school’s counselors.