Netflix and chills

Photo created by Madison Horvat

Photo created by Madison Horvat

Kelly Rappaport , Copy Editor

In honor of October and the spooky season, Netflix released a hand-curated Netflix and Chills collection of its best creepy TV shows and films. Featured titles include Stranger Things, The Shining, Coraline, Raw, The Conjuring, Children of the Corn, 1922, The Babadook, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The movies Raw and 1922 stood out as particularly chilling and underrated. Raw is a French-Belgian horror flick about a vegetarian girl who undergoes a hazing ritual at her veterinarian school that involves eating raw rabbit meat. Once she gets her first taste of raw meat, she goes wild, hungering for meat in all its forms- including human. Raw chronicles her descent into madness as her cannibalism grows, and no scene is too graphic for the film. The movie makes you think twice about exactly what you’re eating.

1922 is based on king of horror Stephen King’s novella of the same title, surrounding a farming family in the year 1922. When farmer Wilfred’s wife Arlette inherits 100 acres of land, she wants to sell it and pay for a divorce so she can move to the city with her son. However, Wilfred wants to use the land for agricultural purposes, as he claims a man’s pride is his land and his son.

This tension leads to Wilfred killing his wife in her sleep with the assistance of his son, Henry, who doesn’t want to move away from his girlfriend. Wilfred and Henry are never caught, but the ghost of Arlette and the guilt of what they did haunts the two as they are afflicted by horror after horror. It eventually drives them both mad. 1922 gives audiences chills and, no spoilers, but you will never be able to look at rats the same.

The Conjuring is a fantastic film that sparked the more popular Annabelle franchise. It is based on the true story of a New England family that moves into a new house and realizes they are not alone. The Conjuring tells the classic story of a haunted house, but it sets itself apart from the rest through its use of suspense and limited jump scares. It is best to watch this film in a quiet, dark room for the best effect, but even in broad daylight, this film still manages to send fear coursing through your veins. Even horror movie enthusiasts who do not prefer ghost stories agree that the Conjuring is terrifying.

If you’re looking for quality scary movies, the Netflix and Chills playlist is the place to go. While Netflix itself offers many options for the Halloween spirit, Netflix and Chills narrows it down to the best of the best. This Halloween, get together with your bravest friends and binge on some horror classics.