Unnecessary use of 9-1-1; ban proposed

Unnecessary use of 9-1-1; ban proposed

Jordyn Bew, staff writer

Jesse Hamilton is a lawyer and politician from New York. He’s on a mission to stop the recent, unnecessary and petty police calls against black people. He’s pushing for a new law that would stop 911 calls against people of color without any evidence of malice or wrongful intention his comes after a woman called the cops on him for handing out campaign literature that was critical of the Trump administration.

“That’s gonna be a hate crime,” Hamilton said. “This pattern of calling the police on black people going about their business and participating in the life of our country has to stop.”

Hamilton would like to strengthen the current laws that ban people from giving false reports and making racially motivated 911 calls a hate crime, especially in cases where police are dispatched.

According to Raw story, “Under the new law, the Oakland woman who called 911 to report a barbecue, the Philadelphia Starbucks manager who had two customers arrested and the Yale student who reported a fellow student for napping could be charged and prosecuted, had they called 911 in New York State,” Hamilton said.

So what do you guys think? Do you support Senator Jesse Hamilton wanting to make calling the police on black people living their best life illegal or do you think these calls are justified?

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