The implemation of a new tardy rule at Joliet West

Danielle Durak, Features editor

The new tardy procedure may be the best solution to cutting down on tardies overall. In the past, there was a loophole in the system that enabled students to be able to get away with a maximum total of 28 tardies before seeing a dean. The new procedure reinforces these rules in a stricter format. Students will now be issued a referral on their 10th tardy overall and if a student reaches their 3rd tardy in a class they will get a call home. There is also the new excessive tardy rule, that issues an excessive tardy to any student over 5 minutes late to a class. Dean Harris believes that the new policy will eventually help the kids in the future as she states “being on time is a job skill, it’s the main reason why we have a tardy rule. This helps prepare students for their jobs in the future.”

Tips for avoiding tardies

*Walk and Talk!

Instead of standing around in the halls with friends, walk and talk with them. This way you’re getting to your class and still catching up with friends.

*Check the time

Whether you’re using your phone or the clocks, stay checking the time and making sure you have enough time to get to your classes.

*Tell your teachers!

If you know it takes you too much time to get to your next class, and the distance or crowded halls don’t help, let your teacher know your situation! Most teachers are completely understanding.

*Music warnings

Music plays one minute before the tardy bell so pay attention to get to class on time.