Terrorism in the United Kingdom

Freddy Ortiz, staff writer

Terrorism has existed since the 1700’s, from public executions to the current mass murders of innocents. It’s an inhumane act justified by inhuman cause; the pinnacle of wrong. Today’s society provides means for terror to strike quick and powerful.

2017 is a year of terror reaching its halfway point with 8 major terror attacks at a global scale. In the early months of February, Paris fell victim to an act of terror. The Louvre on February 3rd where a man attempting to bring two backpacks into the mall drew a knife on officers with the intention of mass murder.

The London Westminster attack on March 22 took the lives of two men and women injuring many innocents. The terrorist rammed a truck into the bridge railing and then managed to stab a police officer as well. Dark deeds continued through the year, much larger in scale.

Stockholm, Sweden was one of the earlier ISIS attacks. On April 20, four people were killed and fifteen were injured when a man drove a truck down a busy shopping street. The Killer, Rakhmat Akilov, admitted his allegiance to ISIS claiming he “achieved what he set out to do”.

Europe throughout the year has been the target of the sinister acts of terrorism. The recent Manchester terror bombing killed 22 people and injured 59 others at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena on Monday May 22. Deemed by many as the “9/11 of The United Kingdom”. The historic London bridge was attacked on June 3, killing 8 people and injured many others.

The mindless acts of violence had spread to South America with the Barcelona massacre. On April 17, in Las Ramblas late afternoon, a terrorist rammed a car into crowds taking the lives of 13 as well as injuring more than a hundred. Hours later five attackers were shot dead after a second attack along the coastal town south of Barcelona.

Injustice has run rampant this year. With these recent attacks no country, no belief, and no peoples are safe from the radical and heinous ideology that is terrorism. Let us hope for justice and for the lives lost and destroyed to not be in vain.