Changes to Driver’s Education Classes


Courtenay Clutts, staff writer

There are new changes coming to the Driver’s Education classes. A bill went through Illinois Legislature signed by Governor Bruce Rauner, stating that all driver’s education classes must include a section on what to do during a traffic stop. This will be taught in public and private schools. The Secretary of State’s office will develop the guidelines for the class.

According to Mr. Kusnik, a Driver’s Education teacher, “The areas of emphasis are going to be where and how to pull over, staying calm and cooperating with the police officers.” Instructors will teach this by showing videos to help illustrate the correct way along with class discussions and notes. This does not make the course any longer. Kusnik continued, “I hope that the law will bring uniformity to what really is an important lesson for novice drivers.” This will give students a better understanding of a real life situation that can happen to anyone.

State Senator Julie Morrison, a Democrat who sponsored the bill told ABC, “My hope is that if we uniformly require that driver’s education include the protocol and what is expected when you interact with a police officer that things will not escalate.” The adding of this law is because many police pullovers have turned into deadly situations. Kusnik agrees that this will help all students going through the driver’s education course.

The state wants to give new drivers the knowledge they need to know, which will hopefully lessen the deaths nationwide, and build a better relationship between teen drivers and police officers. This will give students the confidence they need when they start driving on their own.