Stories brought to life on the stage

Estefania Unzueta, Entertainment Editor

On October 22nd, English and Drama teacher Mrs. Blake introduced a new exciting assignment to her Drama 2 class. The assignment was, with a group of their peers, to perform a ten minute play based on a children’s story book. What made this particular project special was that, rather than their usual audience of their peers, they would be performing for Joliet West’s Tiger Tots. So the class was separated into 4 different groups, each to choose a book within their group. Once they had chosen their book, they began brainstorming right away and working on the script. Overall, the groups had very diverse stories and different morals to display to the Tiger Tots.

The first group to perform on November 10th was the Earth-QUACK group. Their story revolved around a duck and her great journey. One day this particular duck heard a “rumble” through the ground, with great fear she goes on a journey to warn her friends of and earthquake. As she goes on her journey, she brings friends along the way as she warns them. Her friends included a wacky rooster, an airhead goose, a scary wolf, and many more. After this wide journey, her and her friends find out the “rumble” they heard was a construction workers working by their farm. The next group was to perform was the group whose story was about Mr. Fish. Within his own bowl, he is quite happy being by himself. Until one day, he gets a roommate, then another along with another. Soon the bowl begins to get too crowded for Mr. Fish’s liking. He wishes for all them to leave, but soon regrets it when they disappear. The charming tale ends with Mr. Fish getting his friends back and swimming happily in his bowl.

Then on November 12th the performances resumed, the first to perform was the Happy Birdday Tacky group. The story revolved around Tacky the Penguin and his friends trying to throw the perfect party for him. Although almost every part of the party doesn’t go as planned, the penguin friends still had a grand time. Brittany Dunn, who was part of the group, says “It was really fun working to put on such a fun show, and the interaction with the kids was so cute.” The last group to perform was the The Great Fuzz Frenzy group. The story followed a group of prairie dogs, who one day find a tennis ball which they become obsessed with for its fun green fuzz. Soon the fuzz begins to go away and conflict arises. Causing the friends to really put their friendship to the test, but eventually the friends come together to make things.

The tiger tots performance was a success according to Mrs. Blake and the tiger tots class. The children most certainly enjoyed the performances and the treats they were given. Allie Alvarez, who was part of the Mr. Fish group says,“ The performances were so funny, you could tell the kids really liked it. Especially when the tiger tots got up to dance with one of the groups. This was one of the best performances we’ve done so far.”