West Dress Code; do you meet the standards?

Courtney Rubino, Views Editor

During the school year students are required to follow a dress code. The students have rules that apply to what type of shirts, pants, and shoes they are allowed to wear. The biggest issue deans have seen regarding the dress code this year are short shorts and tank tops, according to Dean Harris.

Dress codes have been brought up in recent news when a Delaware student was sent home over wearing leggings. The article from ABC 7, written by Sharrie Williams, explains how 17 year old, Emily Schaeffer, broke the school’s dress code because her shirt was not long enough to go with her leggings. While this outranged Emily Schaeffer and her parents, many others are angered because they believe some students get away with more dress code violations then others.

“I see kids walking out of school and their belly buttons are showing. This poor girl seems to have gotten picked out. Why isn’t it consistent across the board?” parent Denice Deming said from ABC 7’s article, “Delaware student sent home over leggings.”

Are students at West being privileged with the dress code or is it too strict? “…We can’t express what we wear due to it being too exposed,” stated junior Aylin Serrato. She argues that the dress code doesn’t let students self-express themselves in what they wear. “I think the school dress code is fair. But I do see more girls with dress code violations then guys. So I feel the rules are more pointed towards girls then guys. I think our dress code is pretty laid back. I’m glad it is not stricter,” pointed out senior Stephen Downen.

“School authorities will not dictate dress or hairstyle EXCEPT when necessary to encourage a positive educational climate and an orderly operation of the school,” states the school handbook.

Reviewing the rules from the handbook…

-Clothing that advertise alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, promoting violence, or obscene or vulgar language.

-Students will not wear outdoor coats in class. Coats, jackets, and headwear are to be kept in the students’ lockers. If classrooms are chilly, sweaters should be worn. After sufficient notification, students who continue to wear coats and jackets in school will be referred to the dean’s office.

-Wearing clothing in a revealing manner.

-Clothing with holes or slits that are inappropriate.

-Spaghetti strap tops.

-Torso revealing or open mesh shirts.

-Students may not wear sunglasses or any headwear.

-No visible body piercing other than ears will be allowed. Jewelry is prohibited in Physical Education classes at times. This includes but it not limits to: rings, watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and ankle bracelets.

A recent rule at West includes that even boys can wear earrings. “The main reason we have dress codes is to keep the distraction levels down,” concluded Dean Harris.