The KIVA Project

Courtney Rubino, Views Editor

Most of us like to have all of the new updated technology, forgetting about our old electronics. But there is a simple way to get rid of the cluster of your old cell phones, e-readers, tablets, gold, silver, or platinum jewelry that you have no use for. You can donate these items to the Kiva Project. And it is still okay to donate if the items are broken or missing a battery because they are still recyclable. The donations made through the Kiva Project will help people nationwide.

“The Kiva Project entails students fundraising by recycling old electronics, as well as funds from the Joliet Foundation Grant, and then using those funds to provide micro-loans through the Kiva Organization to deserving groups and individuals around the world suffering from poverty,” explained Mrs. Culp. In other words, the program will focus on giving loans in order to prevent more generations from going into poverty. This makes our community and country stronger financially, because more people will be able to stand on their feet to support their families.

“Besides providing an opportunity for these underprivileged people, it also serves to empower them as they learn to run a self-sustaining business and find a sense of pride as they are able to repay this loan. Historically, 99% of Kiva loans are repaid in full,” pointed out Mrs. Culp.

The Kiva Project began with Mrs. Culp and Mrs. Hubbart. Because this is such an amazing cause, Mrs. Schmidt, Mr. Nackovic, and Mrs. De la Criz also started to involve their students. While these teachers take a big role in getting the movement started, it is up to the students to make the change.

Last year they raised about $700 and are hoping to reach around $1,400 to lend out this year. When you donate an old electronic, it is like you are donating money, or a loan, to a person or family in need. You also get to decide on who you want to help.

So remember to make sure if you have any old electronic, gold, silver, or platinum jewelry that you go to room E156 to donate. Students, staff, and community members can donate all year round with these unwanted electronics and jewelry, but they can also loan money through to those in need.