Alpha Omega switchin’ it up

Kyle Kopchak, Sports Editor

Starting this year the committee that selects the Alpha Omega finalists will be changing a slight detail about the selection process. As of mid-September, the top ten male and female students will be chosen to represent Joliet West as spokespersons for the school. Students will be selected through teacher voting. These twenty students will assume an active role at Joliet West and the surrounding community. For example, these ambassadors will serve as a liaison for the student body to the principle, Athletic Director, Academy Coordinators, and teachers. Also, the ambassadors will participate on student panels, represent the Joliet West community at local events, be a positive role model, and demonstrate the Joliet Township Character Attributes. Doctor Gibson expressed how the Alpha Omega committee is not trying to change the criteria for identifying the Alpha Omega students, but is instead looking to identify students earlier on in the year, so that they can represent Joliet West in the community and learn from these experiences.

Three years ago Joliet West decided to start the Alpha Omega program to replace the Valedictorian and salutatorian system. Dr. Gibson said that West wanted to find not just the top academic student, but also an intelligent, ethical, hardworking, leader. Over the last three years the Alpha Omega students have been selected through a teacher vote based off of the top fifty male and female students. Then, ten male and female students are selected to be interviewed by a panel of community leaders to determine Mr. and Miss Alpha Omega.

Dr. Gibson explains that by selecting the Alpha Omega finalists in September the students can participate in valuable community events, such as public speaking, helping out new students, and representing Joliet West in a positive manner. Gibson said, “I do think this experience will help students in the interview process that helps determine the final element in the Alpha Omega winners.” Additionally, Dr. Gibson admits that the voting process to determine the twenty finalists is not perfect, because of how busy teachers are and the large pool of students eligible for the award. However, like a democracy, the Alpha Omega voting system is the best process for determining the twenty finalists currently.

If any students have any further questions you can contact Doctor Gibson, or Mrs. Galloy. Also, seniors, keep an eye out for your name to be announced for Alpha Omega finalists. Best of luck to all.