Advanced placement exams around the corner

Lydia Schrock, Contributing Views Editor

As the year comes to an end students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses are expected to take the corresponding AP exam. These exams include multiple choice questions as well as a free response section that includes items such as an essay, problem solving, or an oral response. Participating schools take place in taking these exams throughout the month of May.

Many students have a positive attitude toward the May exams, even though they can be very challenging and stressful to prepare for. Students take AP classes and exams in order to get the opportunity of obtaining college credit. The courses and exams are created to help students in the future. In AP classes you learn many skills that will help you to be successful in college classes in the future. “AP classes are a good experience and opportunity for college,” says Grace Crumbough, a freshman currently enrolled in AP Human Geography.  However, many students, such as senior Lauren Johnson, say that they are not planning on taking their AP exams because they are very difficult and hard to study for because of very detailed information. “No, I’m not going to take my AP exams because I do not feel prepared at all and each exam cost eighty-nine dollars!” Says Lauren Johnson, senior.

At Joliet West AP exams start on May 5th. On May 5th students enrolled in Chemistry, Environmental Science and Psychology will be taking their exams. May 7th Calculus students will participate in taking their exam. May 8th and 9th students enrolled in English Literature and Composition will be tested. The next week, May 12th students in Biology and Statistics take their exam. On May 13th students in U.S. Government and Human Geography will be tested. The next day, May 14th U.S. History and European History students will take their exams. Finally, on the last day of testing, May 15th, students enrolled in Microeconomics will take their exam.

Taking AP exams is very challenging and at times, can be stressful but, teachers encourage students to take the test and offer many methods to prepare for testing. AP Human Geography teacher, Mrs. Barrowmen stated, “Yes, I do believe many students this year will do well on their exams and earn college credit, it is our sincere belief that students will be better prepared and more successful in the future.” If students need help they can talk to their teachers for other study methods or dates of study sessions, and tutoring is available to all students at Joliet West. Taking the exam is a great opportunity for students, and they should always take the exams seriously.