Changes are coming

Madisen Dobbs, Contributing Entertainment Editor

Changes for the new upcoming year? “Nothing to drastic”, described Mr.Hallihan. There are only three eye specific changes; a rise in school lunches, computers for everyone, and no more selling candy within the classrooms at Joliet West.

The lunches at Joliet West will be raised by 10 cents. This was decided by the Federal School Lunch Association. Austin Poch, a freshmen at Joliet West stated, “10 cents isn’t really a big deal to me, but I’m afraid that for some families it is.”

Another change for the upcoming year that was decided by the Federal Lunch Association is that students in an after school activity or sport will not be allowed to sell candy during the school day. This was decided to help students stop eating unhealthy foods throughout the school day, hoping to promote healthier choices. This will likely be an unpopular change, especially among clubs who rely on the selling of candy money to further their programs.

Another one of the biggest changes will be the laptops for all students. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will all be getting laptops. The freshmen from this year will turn in their laptops and the new incoming freshmen will be getting those. Sophomores will be turning in their laptops and the upcoming sophomores will be getting those.

Finally the upcoming juniors will be getting new laptops. Although many students love this, many do not. A freshmen at Joliet West stated, “I hate these lap tops. They are too slow and crash all the time. It makes me behind in school all the time.”
One the other hand, a sophomore at Joliet West stated, “These lap tops are amazing. It makes my life so much easier. I have never had a problem with the laptops.” All these changes will hopefully make these upcoming years more successful for the students at Joliet West.