Credit Union Internship


The Credit union is offering a paid internship during the next 2014-2015 school year. The students would work during their lunch and advisories everyday of the week.

Jessica Marshall, staff writer

For the 2014-2015 school year, Joliet West’s Abri Credit Unit offers a paid internship to students in the Business Management Information Systems Academy.

All students in the Business, Finance, & Marketing Pathway were emailed by Ms. Stapleton and teachers of the Business Academy were asked to send recommendations, as well. General Business classes were specifically targeted and a maximum of seven students are chosen for each semester and may work the entire year.

Students would work through their lunch periods on Tuesday and Friday and attend their advisory on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This opportunity has been available for more than five years and has helped students apply lessons taught in business classes to a real job.

For students in General Business, Marketing, and other classes involving finances, the chance to work and learn through the Abri Credit Union is beneficial and valuable to a student’s future. Melissa Stapleton, Academy Coordinator of BMIS and STEM academies says, “This opportunity is PERFECT for responsible students interested in learning the business of banking.  Students interested Business, Finance, & Marketing have a paid opportunity to acquire real world skills and partner with a knowledgeable, dependable credit union-Abri.”

Interested students will be selected after an application and interview process and the candidate’s grades and attendance are also taken into consideration.