Outstanding Educator

Lilia Chavero, Editor-in-Chief

English teacher, Mrs. Sheehan had the honor to be nominated from one of her former students to receive the University of Chicago’s Outstanding Educator Award. Sheehan was chosen by Cesar Guerrero who now attends the University of Chicago as a freshman.

The University of Chicago provides incoming freshman students with the opportunity to nominate a mentor who has changed them, challenged them or has helped them in any way throughout their schooling. Cesar nominated Sheehan because she had impacted his academic career. “The award means a great deal to me because he thought I was an outstanding educator. Cesar is an intelligent, caring person that dedicates his time to his education and philanthropic endeavors,” says Sheehan. Sheehan expresses that Cesar is an amazing young man with a potential without limits. His support leaves Sheehan speechless. She is honored by his positive feedback on how much importance she meant on his education.

Sheehan received congratulations from the dean of the Admission and Financial Aid from the University of Chicago. “We are dedicated to excellence in teaching, such as yours, and we know that true learning is a collaborative experience which depends as much on the dedication of the teacher as it does on the motivation of the student. Thank you for your commitment to this endeavor.” Sheehan is very grateful for this award and humbled by the experience.