Final exam changes


Finals week is usually a two day drag, but for the 2013 school year, finals will now be three days.

Jessica Marshall, staff writer

Many dread the arrival of finals week, which has previously consisted of two days of testing. As of the 2013-2014 school year, the testing will be extended to three days for both first and second semester.

On December 17, 18, and 19, students will complete final exams with an altered schedule. Only one testing period will be held on December 17, with four testing periods on December 18, and three on December 19.

The arrangement of the days and the order of periods allows for the possibility of three tests in a single day due to all four lunch periods being held on the 18th. Principal Dr. Gibson explains, “We thought it would be better for students to have a maximum of three tests.”

The conclusion was made with courtesy toward the new state requirement of students having to be present in classes for a minimum of 300 minutes per day. Dr. Gibson reveals this change wouldn’t have occured without the new law.

One important change for students to be aware of is that exam make-ups will now be conducted on the second and third day of testing after school and not on a separate day like in years past.

All procedures previously followed for exam days such as the consequences of arriving to class late, not serving lunch on an exam days, and the discouraged distribution of hall passes during testing periods will remain the same.

Future adjustments for the finals week schedule will be made after considering the feedback from teachers and students.”