Career fair is near

Lydia Schrock, contributing writer

On Thursday, November 7th, 2013, freshmen at Joliet West will be given the unique opportunity to explore different types of professions, and learn their interests at the Career Fair. Students are given this opportunity to help them figure out what they want to strive for during their high school career.

The career fair is scheduled to last for four periods, approximately four hours. For the first twenty-five minutes of the fair, students go to advisory. During this time, students can brainstorm possible questions for the speakers, and go over guidelines for the day. Then, the students are allowed to rotate to three twenty-five minute speaking sessions. There are currently thirty-four speakers that will be attending the career fair. These speakers include; an accountant, a chef, a homicide detective, a marketing representative, a nuclear engineer, ect. The careers represented are mostly chosen by the students from the previous year. Coordinator of the career fair, Maureen Pulaski says, “Every year we get feedback from students on if they enjoyed their speaker and who else they might like to have represented. The career fair has been a tradition at Joliet West for the last nine years.

The career fair is very important to students because it is never too early to begin thinking about your future.  “We want our students to be college and career ready. If you can figure out during your first few years at Joliet West what you want to do once you graduate, then you can formulate your game plan and begin to attack it,” says Pulaski. Students will be able to learn from the speakers, and get new ideas of what they want to do when they graduate. “I hope the fair opens their eyes to the things that are possible once they leave Joliet West,” Pulaski declared. This year at the fair students will be able to have a fun and exciting time as the start their journey in becoming young adults!