Writing portion makes a comeback

Sydney Czyzon, Views Editor

In past years, the American College Testing association was not able to provide the writing portion of the EXPLORE, PLAN, or ACT with every test booklet due to the diminutive amount of money that they had. Students who wished to take the writing portion had to come on a separate day and pay for the writing test themselves. Students are fortunate to no longer have to pay for the writing booklet, but some who don’t need it for the college they are planning on applying to find it excessive. For the latter students, the writing portion is not required and completion is the sole decision of the individual. Either the student completes the essay to its fullest, or doesn’t complete it whatsoever; there is no in-between because the score of anything that is written will be formulated into final scores.

This year, the funding for the company has been increased once again and the writing portion will be included in the spring when all students participate in the two days dedicated to standardized testing.

The writing portion is 30 minutes in length and students are given a prompt that they must address in an essay format. Some colleges require the writing portion of the ACT for entry, while others do not.

In order to do well on the test, the ACT organization’s website encourages taking time to, “Prewrite.” During this time, the writer should digest the prompt and break it down in order to better understand what is being asked. Then, students should formulate the stance that they would like to take on the topic. Finally, writers should organize their ideas and try to think of a proper outline for the information. There is an area in the test booklet that allows for students to take these notes and prepare.

Then, when writing, be sure that a thorough understanding of the prompt is communicated throughout the essay. The topic should be assessed into different sections and precise details as well as exact examples are an impressive touch. The student should remain concentrated on what they are addressing and the conclusion should be a powerful summary of what was written about throughout the piece. Also, write neatly for a more polished and easy-to-read essay.

It is recommended to use a few minutes when finished writing to look over the essay that was written and make any necessary corrections. Mechanics and flowing word usage is crucial to a refined final product. When the essays have been graded, students will find a writing sub-score and a collective English and writing score.

Whether thankful or unaffected, the writing portion will be a new addition come this spring. Now that the writing portion is provided and no longer an extra expense, more opportunity is in the hands of high-schoolers across the nation.