Friday Flyover


Over 500 students came to West at 5:30 in the morning to participate in the Friday Flyover.

Courtney Rubino, staff writer

Joliet West students and staff recently participated in ABC 7 Chicago’s Friday Flyover showcase. On Friday, September 27, an estimated 500 students came bright and early; 5:30 am, to show their school spirit. As the student body took their places and made formations on the field, Chopper 7 took live footage from above at 6:10am, 6:35am, and 6:55am.

The energy was high, and the school spirit was through the roof. Some might even say they were blinded from all of the black and gold. Sophomore Alexis Smith stated, “I thought that the Friday Flyover brought our school together, everyone showed their tiger pride and we all had an awesome time.” Sophomore Crystal Offerman agreed, “The Friday Flyover was a great experience for everyone despite being so early. The student body got to experience what the marching band does on the field, and we all got to cheer on our school. The flyover brought a tremendous amount of school spirit we should have on a daily basis at Joliet West.”

You could feel all the positive vibes were during this unique opportunity. Nearly all students were decked out in school colors, and even included face paint, pom poms, tu tu’s, sunglasses, and more.

When interviewed by ABC 7, Dr. Gibson declared, “Joliet West is a fantastic school. It’s inclusive, it’s diverse. There’s a sense of community, a sense of family, sense of pride. It’s not just the school, but it’s also part of the greater Joliet Community.”

As the morning continued to roll along there was a tailgate party held and Joliet West students were served a breakfast that included drinks, donuts, and grilled food. A Bears ambulance owned by Mr. Karczewski was even at the event with a speaker system playing music for the crowd. Afterwards, the students were led back inside humming with pride and adrenaline.

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