College Application Month


For College Application Month, Teachers will be receiving buttons that say, “Ask me about my college!” and students who apply for college will be receiving buttons that say “I applied!”

Patrick O'Connell, Editor-in-Chief

October is College Application Month. The purpose of College Application Month is to encourage students to apply for college and to do it in a timely manner to show the importance of a college education.

West has taken it upon itself to participate in order to promote students to pursue a college education. “Joliet West has set a goal to provide all of our seniors with an opportunity to complete at least one application at school,” says counselor Mrs. Jacquet.

Joliet West will be kicking it off by encouraging students and staff to wear college gear to promote different colleges; teacher will also have buttons saying, “Ask me about my college!” and students who fill out a college application will be given buttons saying, “I applied!”

It doesn’t end there, seniors will have a chance to win prizes after applying and advisory classes will be able to decorate their doors for a chance to win a pizza party. All of this is designed to promote how important a college education is.

Also during this month, a representative from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission will be here on Wednesdays and Thursdays to assist students with their applications.

For more information on College Application Month and applying to college, talk your counselor or go to B129.